What we do

Chiva Chaitya Organization’s vision is for the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas in which Chiva – its preservation, protection and respect shown towards it is linked with pride by both permanent and visiting residents of the valley.

Chiva Chaitya Organization moves forward with the mission to:

  1. prepare and organize visual database of Chiva, their location and inscriptions
  2. educate general public and government agencies about the need for protection of Chiva
  3. facilitate for any people or agency willing to repair/preserve/renovate a Chiva

In order to fulfill our mission and vision, we are doing following things:

  1. We have continued to collect and organize inventory of all Chiva and currently photo information on more than 500 Chiva has been collected
  2. To educate the general public facebook page https://facebook.com/chivachaitya and instagram @chiva_chaitya are being operated
  3. Presentation on Chiva are given to staff of companies
  4. Cleaning activities on some Chiva are done

In addition:

  1. Photograph all the Chiva
  2. Translate all the Chiva inscription (this can give establish-ers, date of establishment, it’s history and also can give insight in the overall history of the Kathmandu Valley)
  3. Prepare a google maps layer which will have all the locations of each and every chiva
  4. Prepare a secure and exhaustive database of all Chiva for use by scholars and general public.
  5. Take out books and other media to inform general public and generate revenue for the Chiva Fund, which will be used for maintenance/repair of damaged Chiva
  6. People will be able to report of any encroachment or damage on a Chiva. We will approach local authorities, establish-ers and locals to maintain those Chiva.
  7. Give presentation to school, colleges, company events and other public events etc
  8. Facilitate any repair or maintenance activity on Chiva
  9. Seek necessary resources for Chiva preservation
  10. Educate people and agencies about the heritage protection guidelines