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As one said, we can give thousands of reasons, why we need to protect and respect our heritage Chiva and Chaitya.

Chiva and Chaitya are situated in streets and courtyards, in a such a way that we can not miss them when we drive or walk in the streets and roads in Kathmandu. So, it is very easy to GET INVOLVED in this protection drive.

a)For Schools, Colleges, Offices, Companies, Clubs:
-If you are organizing any function/gatherings, inform/invite us, we would be happy to talk about our heritage (Chiva/Chaitya)

b)While walking on the street:
Going round a Chiva – Clockwise whenever you see a Chiva. Those who show disrespect, will be hesitant to do bad deeds.
If you see some activity of disrespect towards our heritage(like clothe/rope hanging, pouring building materials, garbage around), request the people to refrain from those activities

c)For Saturdays and Holidays and free times
-Give small amount of time(maybe an hour or two a week), take your children and friends to some place where Chiva needs cleaning or uprooting unwanted plants

d)For Social media enthusiasts
Follow our facebook and Instagram pages
Post pictures of Chiva and Chaitya in your wall/posts with messages to protect and respect them

e)If you are person of influence (like president, minister, ward chief, principal, government official, company responsible, army, police etc)
Recognize that heritage protection shall be the primary goal and any development works shall not destroy existing Chiva
-Make policy and plan work such that Chiva are protected and educate own circle of influence to give due respect to Chiva
Facilitate Chiva Chaitya Organization to achieve their goal of heritage preservation

f)Participate in Programs
-You can participate in various programs organized by ChivaChaitya Organization like heritage class, Chiva cleaning efforts, Chiva maintenance efforts etc. Please, keep following up news and our social medai pages (facebook, instagram)

Your greatest donation would be your understanding that heritage need to be respected and protected and educate people around you. Materially, you can donate in this mission of heritage protection in several ways:
-You can sponsor materially(like cleaning materials such as gloves, water, priest expenses, transport expenses, building materials, paint etc) in an event organized by us
-You can sponsor by providing your hall or seminar/meeting rooms/event venue for use by ChivaChaitya Organization
-You can volunteer with your specific expertise like script reading, audio visual infographics making, repairs, oratory skills, financial auditing services etc. Please, contact us and when needed we will seek your help
-You can donate money of your choice for use in ChivaChaitya Organizations activity
-You may see a chiva which is damaged and needs repairing. You may want to bear all related costs. We will be able to coordinate such activity.

h)Give feedback on activities of ChivaChaitya ORganization
-You can give feedback/suggestion on activities of ChivaChaitya

Support us by Submitting Chiva Photos and Drawings

If there is any Chiva in your locality or in your view, that need maintenance please inform us. [Click]

Donate (Please contact us). Your monetary help will be used transparently for the Chiva promotional/awareness activities and maintenance