Respect, Protect and Promote

Kathmandu Valley of Nepal has a very unique feature in Chiva and Chaitya of Kathmandu valley. Chiva Chaitya are monuments (small to large, usually of stone carving beautiful votive heritage monuments) established by general public since 1500 years in the Kathmandu Valley. The Chiva has become part of the life of indigenous people of the Valley. The Chiva are in danger due to urbanization and lack of knowledge about need of protection of heritage for economic, archaeological and historical reasons.

This is an opportunity to help save these beautiful and age old heritage of the Valley. The received support will be used for the organization ‘Chiva Chaitya’ working to increase awareness for heritage protection and to restore the damaged Chiva. There are around 2000 to 2500 such Chiva in the valley and many require restoration and protection. Some photo of Chivaaregivenbelow: